Greenfield Investigation

The geotechnical investigation, a preliminary yet vital step to any civil engineering or building project.
Site Geotechnical Pty Ltd are in the business of enhancing engineering projects through ‘Soil Investigation Testing and Evaluation’ beginning at the soil foundation .

Reports and recommendations and subsequent engineering designs are often based on the preliminary information collected and recorded within a geotechnical investigation report.

For large projects soil investigations can be used as part of a feasibility study but once a plan has been adopted a more extensive investigation is usually imperative. The money spent in a rigorous study of ground and substructure can save large sums later (additional test holes or detailed analysis can increase the level of certainty).

No major engineering project should be started without some form of soil investigation.

Collection of information and its appraisal, should continue during any construction works, to confirm or otherwise the assumed ground model. In most cases this is undertaken by an experienced contractor, building surveyor or superintendent. In some cases it is preferred that the geotechnical consultant assess the ground conditions during construction, particularly in light of potentially poor or variable ground conditions or unexpected findings.

The engineering design of a structure which is safe, and economical to build, is stable and has low maintenance costs can depend upon an adequate understanding of the nature of the ground.

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