Pavement Investigation

Investigation & Testing For Pavement Composition Design
A detailed geotechnical field investigation and laboratory testing program can lead to a suitable pavement design. We endeavor to offer cost effective designs. Designed so that it may suit your requirements, the ground conditions and intention.

Pavement composition investigation & design for both new residential and industrial development and upgrading of existing roads, is one of our specialties. Site Geotechnical have undertaken numerous investigations for councils and developers, ranging from green-field subdivisional sites to structurally upgrading of existing collector roads.

The purpose of our testing is to assess the subsurface conditions and therefore enable us to determine options for appropriate treatments, based on our findings and information supplied.

The findings of our field investigation, testing, pavement design analysis (which can include computer modelling using state-of-the-art material properties and performance models) and recommendations is presented by Site Geotechnical in a formal report which can be submitted or referenced within tender documents. Our documented reports are often submitted to relevant authorities for review and acceptance.

We can undertake geotechnical pavement investigations for:

  • Car parking facilities
  • Commercial & Industrial Premises
  • Residential & Industrial Subdivisions
  • Minor Roads
  • Industrail Hard Stand & Container Yards
  • Local Access Roads (incl. Special Charge Schemes)
  • Blackspot Improvements
  • Collector & Distributors Roads
  • Pavement Duplications, Realignments, Turning Lanes & Widenings
  • Pavement upgrading or rehabilitation

We can offer a wide range of pavement design options to match your project needs including:

  • Flexible bituminous stone seal pavements
  • Flexible asphalt surfaces pavements
  • Flexible unsealed pavements
  • Deep strength asphalt pavements
  • Pavements suitable for roundabout construction
  • Pavements incorporating cementitious additives
  • Pavements incorporating foam bitumen stabilization
  • Sub grade improvement options to reduce granular material requirements or to allow construction to proceed
  • Rigid reinforced concrete pavements
  • Concrete segmental pavements
  • We can offer pavement designs for both existing roads requiring structural upgrading, rehabilitation, reconstruction and/or for new construction including subdivisions and the like.



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