Tight Access Drilling

At SITE Geotechnical, we offer tight access drilling for sites with limited access, along with our geotechnical investigations. For comprehensive tight access drilling, come to the experts at SITE Geotechnical. No matter the site, using tight access drilling equipment affords access to narrow areas. 

Our experienced, qualified team carry out all services with the utmost professionalism and care. Our tight access drilling services are essential for smaller, confined spaces.

For tight or narrow access, our tight access drilling is the way to go. Our professional tight access drilling services are ideal for situations including: 

  • Tight and narrow access: using a mini crawler rig ensures you can gain access to tight areas, such as backyards and close proximity between buildings. Small but powerful, mini crawler rigs are essential for tight access. 
  • Environmental concerns: when carrying out our tight access drilling, our team make sure to avoid any damage to the environment, especially when the work site is near protected environmental areas and waterways. Any drilling will create an impact, but by using a mini drilling rig, we can minimise the environmental impact.
  • Overhead restrictions: there are many restrictions that may require the use of a mini drilling rig, including environmental factors such as tree branches, or worksite power cables.

Using our mini crawler rig, our team can access restricted spaces that conventional drilling crawler may not be able to. Contact the expert team at SITE Geotechnical today for a quote on our tight access drilling services.

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