Wetland and Dam Design

Wetland and Dam Design Services

Wetland and Dam Composition Design

Wetland and dam composition design start with the information collected and recorded from a detailed geotechnical field investigation and laboratory testing.

SITE Geotechnical have undertaken hundreds of recommendations for various water retention structures such as wetland and dams across Victoria.

Our Wetland and Dam services include detailed assessments, that can be provided within our design report to meet project objectives and give options to our clients.

The Geotechnical Wetland and Dam Design Melbourne Can Count On

Because our clients’ projects vary so greatly in scope and in nature, we offer a wide range of water retention designs Melbourne and wider Victoria can count on. We have options to match your project needs including:

Various Dam and Wetland considerations

  • Assessments of clay liners
  • Embankment design
  • Dam Filter design
  • Seepage analysis
  • Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD)
  • Embankments incorporating bentonite additives
  • Various Publications and Design Tools
  • Designs which meet Growth Area Authority Guidelines for new subdivisional construction
  • Designs which meet Melbourne Water Authority Guidelines
  • Technical knowledge gained from years of experience

Since 2005, the SITE Geotechnical team have been providing the services in soil investigation, testing, and evaluation that our clients require. Our technical expertise in all aspects of geotechnical services allows us to work on projects of all types and scales where soil testing is required.

We can provide our wetland and dam design services as part of a complex project, or as a dedicated service for new or upgraded dam or wetland.

With the wetland and dam design Melbourne and wider Victoria can count on, we are experienced enough to handle projects in all corners of the state. If you have further, related concerns, then we can assist with pavement design retaining wall investigation, landslide investigation, and pipeline investigation (backfill specification).

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