Construction Material Testing

Established in 2005, SITE Geotechnical are experts when it comes to providing geotechnical services in Melbourne. As members of Engineers Australia, we are qualified to perform geotechnical investigation, soil testing, pavement design, geotechnical drilling and more.

At SITE Geotechnical, we carry out thorough construction material testing to ensure optimal safety. Conducting both field testing and laboratory testing, our comprehensive material testing services are essential for the safety of any construction project.

Construction material testing can reveal if there are any issues that will affect the quality of the project and construction, prevent risk, classify the type of building site and assist with decision making.

Site evaluations can identify any potential building hazards that may come up down the line, and improve the quality of materials. Our expert team draw on our years of experiences and qualifications to accurately investigate the project site. 

Material Testing Services in Melbourne

Our field testing takes place on site, inspecting all materials from silt, clay, sand and gravels to crushed rock and materials that are stabilised with additives to ensure the worksite is suitable for construction. Often field testing can indicate that more investigation is needed, which is when lab testing is recommended. At SITE Geotechnical, we carry out critical material testing services to prevent damage or risk.

For comprehensive construction material testing in Melbourne, contact us on 1300 557 260 for a quote today.


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