Geotechnical Services Melbourne

Since 2005, the team at SITE Geotechnical have been providing the geotechnical services Melbourne requires. We are members of Engineers Australia, and with the Managing Director having over 23 years of experience with a combined experience of over 80 years within the SITE Geotechnical team, we can perform soil investigation for residential developments, soil testing for commercial building, distressed structure investigation, civil geotechnical services in the form of pavement investigation and pavement design, soil laboratory testing to determine soil strength, and geotechnical drilling.  

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You can count on the SITE Geotechnical team to be efficient and thorough in their work, and in their reports. When you first contact us, you can expect a prompt response; we will discuss your requirements before quoting, so that both parties know what to expect. We offer honest and transparent communication with all our clients, and we provide the detailed examinations and in-depth reports that allow your project construction program to progress.



Why Choose Site Geotechnical for Geotechnical Services?

When you need geotechnical services in Melbourne, or any of Victoria’s inner city or rural localities, you should choose a team with experience. The SITE Geotechnical team have both formal qualifications and hands-on experience of a full range of soil investigation, testing, and evaluation services, and this allows us to offer more comprehensive options for your particular needs.

Our team can carry out geotechnical drilling and cuttings on site (including test pits), field testing, sampling and laboratory soil testing for engineering purposes. We hold NATA accreditations in Construction Materials Testing, so you can confidently contact the SITE Geotechnical team when you need to know that your geotechnical investigations have been performed to meet the requirements of your civil engineering project.


‘Geotechnical investigation’ is a term that is applied to the performance assessment of in situ and
imported materials that are intended to form part of a project. This could include an
evaluation of: 􀂃
topsoil stripping requirements

cuttings (e.g. to assess slope stability and rippability of rock) 

materials proposed for inclusion in embankment

strength/residual life of existing pavements 

subgrade for pavement design purposes

proposed pavement material (e.g. gravel) sources 

bridge foundations

the presence and extent of ground water 

water quality considerations with respect to compaction, surface drainage or potential
detriment to culvert structures.

Whilst some of these aspects can be addressed by knowledge of past performance in similar
geological and climatic conditions, these studies should be carefully considered for all projects. Geotechnical investigations should be initiated as soon as possible in the design phase,
particularly where substantial detail is required, so that project construction programs are not
adversely affected.

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