Services for Structural Engineering

The team from SITE Geotechnical are your responsive and experienced geotechnical engineering firm for geotechnical services throughout Victoria. We provide services for a wide range of civil engineering developments, including detailed investigation and reporting for structural engineering services.

Our team can competently carry out soil investigation on greenfield sites; soil testing for commercial buildings; further soil laboratory testing for earthworks or distressed (cracked) structure investigations; and other civil geotechnical services, including pipeline investigation (backfill specification), and pavement design.  

The Structural Engineering Services Melbourne and Wider Victoria Can Count On

Working with structural engineering services in Melbourne, and throughout metropolitan and regional Victoria, SITE Geotechnical can be your go-to team for all on-site and laboratory soil investigation and testing services.

The structural engineering support services that our geotechnical team can provide include, but are not limited to the evaluation of:

  • Topsoil stripping requirements
  • Cuttings (assessing slope stability and rippability of rock) 
  • Materials proposed for inclusion in embankment
  • Strength/residual life of existing pavements 
  • Subgrade information for pavement design purposes
  • Proposed pavement material (e.g. gravel) sources 
  • Bridge foundations
  • Provide information for deep piles and basement construction
  • Provide information related to bearing capacity of soils
  • The presence and extent of ground water 
  • Water quality considerations with respect to compaction, surface drainage, or potential detriment to culvert structures.

Since 2005, the SITE Geotechnical team have been performing thorough geotechnical investigations and providing detailed reports for civil engineering projects throughout Victoria. We are proud members of Engineers Australia, and we have over 80 years of combined experience working with government organisations, the private sector, architects, builders, and surveyors.

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