Pavement Design

Pavement Composition Design
Pavement composition design for both new roads and existing roads starts with the information collected and recorded from a detailed geotechnical field investigation and laboratory testing.

Site Geotechnical have undertaken thousands of recomendations for various road types (both new and existing) accross Victoria.

Detailed assessment is often provided to within our design report to meet project objectives and give options to our clients.

We can offer a wide range of pavement design options to match your project needs including:

Various Pavement Types

  • Flexible bituminous stone seal pavements
  • Flexible asphalt surfaces pavements
  • Flexible unsealed pavements
  • Deep strength asphalt pavements
  • Pavements suitable for roundabout construction
  • Pavements incorporating cementitious additives
  • Pavements incorporating foam bitumen stabilization
  • Sub grade improvement options to reduce granular material requirements or to allow construction to proceed
  • Rigid reinforced concrete pavements
  • Concrete segmental pavements

Various Publications and Design Tools

  • VicRoads/Austroads Standards for duplication or upgrading/rehabilitation
  • Circly Analysis (Pavement computer Modelling)
  • Analyse Deflection and Curvature data for refined pavement assessment
  • Deisgns which meet Growth Area Authority Guidelines for new subdivisional construction
  • Technical knowledge gained from year of experience



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