Pipeline Investigation(Backfill Specification)

Geotechnical Investigations for Pipeline Construction

A geotechnical pipeline investigation is usually required to obtain an understanding of the ground conditions prior to undertaking works for pipeline construction. The pipeline investigation prevents hazards and can help minimise expensive issues down the line. Our comprehensive pipeline investigation will provide essential information to assist contractors and designers


Backfill Specification

Correct trench backfill and compaction is a critical success factor for the projects requiring backfill. Incorrect backfill and compaction incur risks for authorities associated with backfill subsidence and collapse. Compliance with a detailed specification will reduce or eliminate these risks by assisting contractors.

Relevant Australian Standards include however are not limited to: AS 1289: Methods of Testing Soils for Engineering Purposes. AS 3798: Guidelines on Earthworks for Commercial and Residential Developments. AS 2566.2: Buried Flexible Pipelines: Part 2 - Installation. AS 2870 Residential Slabs and Footings and MRWA Specification No 04-03.

As members of Engineers Australia and established in 2005, we carry out professional pipeline investigation.





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