Geotechnical Services Gippsland

Since 2005, the team from SITE Geotechnical have been providing the various geotechnical services Gippsland constructions and civil engineering projects require. Throughout the Gippsland region, soil types, conditions, and council regulations vary considerably, and so our team will provide the detailed soil investigation, testing, and evaluation that you require, presenting our findings and our recommendations in comprehensive geotechnical reports.

Talk to the SITE Geotechnical team when you require:

  • Greenfield investigations
  • Pavement investigation
  • Civil geotechnical services and pavement design
  • Soil investigation for earthworks
  • Retaining wall investigation
  • Landslide investigation
  • Laboratory soil testing for engineering purposes
  • Distressed (cracked) structure investigation
  • Land capability assessment (LCA)
  • Soil testing (classification) for commercial building foundations
  • Pipeline investigation (backfill specification).

Geotechnical Services Gippsland

Laboratory Soil Testing for Gippsland Sites

If further analysis is required to complement or confirm on-site soil investigation, then the SITE Geotechnical team can also perform more in-depth laboratory soil testing. Gippsland projects can commence with the preliminary findings that are necessary for the choice of site and foundation construction.

In order to meet the requirements of different sites and different engineering considerations, we provide a range of laboratory soil tests to measure soil strength, categorise soil properties, and classify the soil type.



Detailed Geotechnical Reports for Gippsland Developments

Soil Testing Gippsland

Clear and detailed reporting is an absolute necessity for making use of the findings from any geotechnical investigation. We offer the formal geotechnical reports Gippsland surveyors, civil engineers, and project managers alike can use during the first steps of their construction process.

You can contact the SITE Geotechnical team today with detailed information regarding your project objectives. We will respond promptly with a cost-effective quotation that meets your requirements.

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