Geotechnical Services Mornington Peninsula

The team from SITE Geotechnical can provide the geotechnical services Mornington Peninsula developers, surveyors, and civil engineers can rely on.

We have a familiarity with the many soil types and geotechnical considerations of the Mornington Peninsula. We can assist with retaining wall investigations where structures are used to prevent coastal erosion and landslide. We also offer laboratory soil testing for earthworks and construction projects on the vastly differing inland and coastal areas of the Peninsula region. 

Geotechnical Services Mornington Peninsula

Laboratory Soil Testing for Mornington Peninsula Sites

With accreditation in the field of Construction Materials Testing, the SITE Geotechnical team are your go-to experts for all laboratory soil testing. Mornington Peninsula soils vary greatly from sandy coastal areas, to low-lying swampy regions, and the more elevated hillside suburbs.

Depending on your project requirements, we can perform a range of laboratory soil tests to classify soil type, measure soil strength, and categorise the soil properties.

So that you get a full picture of the soil on your proposed site, we perform both laboratory testing and on-site soil testing. By combining the findings of laboratory compaction, and field density tests, we can provide the detailed reports that can serve as the preliminary step in your civil engineering or building project.

Detailed Geotechnical Reports for Mornington Peninsula Developments

Our team are well known for the quality of their reports. Since 2005, we have been providing detailed geotechnical reports for the Mornington Peninsula and beyond.

We offer a full range of geotechnical services, and can follow up with reports and recommendations once we have performed investigations, including:

  • Greenfield investigations
  • Pavement investigation
  • Pavement design
  • Earthworks
  • Retaining wall investigation
  • Landslide investigation
  • Laboratory soil testing for engineering purposes
  • Distressed (cracked) building investigation
  • Land capability assessment (LCA)
  • Soil testing (classification)
  • Pipeline investigation (backfill specification).
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